To facilitate testing of the API, a set of predefined users and test accounts are provided. These users and accounts have a predefined test scenario in a Sandbox. The Sandbox URL is: https://ericssonrwandabasicapi2.portal.azure-api.net/ A developer needs to signup and subscribe to the Starter Product before accessing any of the APIs.

Oauth Token

The Oauth token is generated from the merchants’ API Key and Secret. The Sandbox has one merchant defined with API Key and API Secret parameters:

API Key : c906211b-8f92-48b5-a9d3-c28ef023aa7a

API Secret : 151ac58ddcae42c689bcdcb7281d962c

Target Environment

The target environment used for testing is “sandbox".


The currency used in Sandbox is EUR

Test Numbers

There is a specific set of numbers used in the sandbox, and each one returns a specific response for all test cases. Below is a table of the numbers.

Number Response
46733123450 failed
46733123451 rejected
46733123452 timeout
46733123453 ongoing (will answer pending first and if requested again after 30 seconds it will respond success)
46733123454 pending